50+ Young FinTech Startups To Watch Out For

Is there anyone who can't see the money revolution happening right now? The financial services industry is facing digital disruption from a host of FinTech startups that are reshaping the industry, or at least making the incumbents think and act. We present to you below, 55 new companies started in 2010 or later that are trying to disrupt traditional banking and financial services.

List of 50+ FinTech startups (2010 and after)



Affirm is a data-driven company which offers credit to consumers at the point-of-sale. This company is found to participate in the personal lending space by addressing the problem associated with the use of a credit card and its monthly interest charges through its product Split Pay.

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This company has been found innovating in its services through different product offerings, such as a hybrid loan which has both fixed and variable interest rate components.

Lending Home

An attractive aspect of company’s model is to be able to analyze a borrower’s likelihood to repay a loan by going beyond a simple appraisal or FICO score. It uses a mix of both traditional and alternative data sources to determine the true value of a property.


The company uses the latest technology and statistical methods which help the company meet customers’ unique financial needs and also offer lower interest rates compared to competitors.

Fraud and Security solutions has a patented solution for secure logins and secure mobile payments. The "US Patent 8,677,166" utilizes QR codes, sound waves, push messages and radio waves.

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