50+ Young FinTech Startups To Watch Out For

Is there anyone who can't see the money revolution happening right now? The financial services industry is facing digital disruption from a host of FinTech startups that are reshaping the industry, or at least making the incumbents think and act. We present to you below, 55 new companies started in 2010 or later that are trying to disrupt traditional banking and financial services.

List of 50+ FinTech startups (2010 and after)



Affirm is a data-driven company which offers credit to consumers at the point-of-sale. This company is found to participate in the personal lending space by addressing the problem associated with the use of a credit card and its monthly interest charges through its product Split Pay.

Read more about it here, here and here.


This company has been found innovating in its services through different product offerings, such as a hybrid loan which has both fixed and variable interest rate components.

Lending Home

An attractive aspect of company’s model is to be able to analyze a borrower’s likelihood to repay a loan by going beyond a simple appraisal or FICO score. It uses a mix of both traditional and alternative data sources to determine the true value of a property.


The company uses the latest technology and statistical methods which help the company meet customers’ unique financial needs and also offer lower interest rates compared to competitors.

Fraud and Security solutions has a patented solution for secure logins and secure mobile payments. The "US Patent 8,677,166" utilizes QR codes, sound waves, push messages and radio waves.

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CipherCloud enables organizations to adopt cloud applications in a secure manner through its cloud data protection solution. It protects enterprise data inside and outside the cloud without any impact on back-end integration and application functionality. It overcomes data privacy, security, residency and regulatory compliance risks associated with cloud applications.


Norse provides live, actionable, cyber threat intelligence that enables organizations to prevent financial fraud and proactively defend against today’s most advanced cyber threats, including zero-day and advanced persistent threats.


The fraud detection mechanism involves 120 parameters including offline and online ones. From public records, negative lists of merchants (multiple), location, transaction history, social graph and device fingerprint, they analyze a whole set of things to provide protection.


Riskified uses proxy detection, device fingerprinting, data enrichment through the social graphs and entity linkage to classify transactions.

True Link

All of the payments initiated go through a prepaid True Link Visa card which has a user’s checking account details on it. True Link takes up the role of a pre-authorizer and approves or denies any transaction-related requests.

Mobile Wallet (FinTech)


The company currently processes 150,000 monthly transactions which make it the second largest mobile wallet in Britain, second only to Starbucks.


PAAY delivers a fast, safe and simple online payment service to merchants and a secure mobile wallet to consumers.


Paydiant offers a cloud-based white-label mobile wallet and payment solution that enables retailers, banks and processors to launch a branded contactless mobile wallet and payment platform without the need for middlemen.


CloudZync’s Zwallet claims to eliminate the need for physical wallets in participating shops and send exclusive offers straight to the user’s phone, thereby enabling a messaging space for customers and merchants to share information with each other. This enables customers to take advantage of any loyalty schemes on offer.


Clutch is a mobile shopping app, mobile wallet and loyalty player that aims to simplify m-commerce by providing solutions that embrace emerging technologies and also understand customer behavior.


FreebeePay wallet is a solution that enables merchants to easily connect with customers on a personal level by combining m-commerce, social networking and micro advertising together in one easy-to-use, yet powerful mobile application.


iMoCu is a mobile wallet which enables people to securely send money to anyone anywhere instantly through a simple SMS.

Personal Finance


MX aims to make financial management easy for consumers by providing real-time monetary data from various banking institutions and money accounts.


The app supports more than 3500 banks, including major ones like HSBC, UBS and Sparkasse. Numbrs’ app helps customers aggregate all of their accounts numbers into one app.


BillGuard’s spend analytics offer personal finance management tools that will provide a wide range of analytics. This will enable users to compare their current spending to earlier months. The Smart Savings feature seeks to serve users by helping them save cash in their everyday lives. It notifies users about discounts and coupons that could help in their purchase of a product.

Level Money

Level Money estimates your income, identifies your bill expenses and then asks you to set a percentage of income as savings. After that, Level Money then displays how much money you can afford to spend for the day, week and month in an easy infographic.

Card Acceptance System (Mainly mPOS players here)


iZettle, a mobile payments company, offers services for person-to-person and business-to-consumer e-commerce transactions. iZettle has launched a card reader to support Apple Pay & contactless payments.


Bindo’s new NFC-enabled mPOS reader operates over Bluetooth low energy and wireless technology. Using the most advanced technology, it will be able to accept EMV chip-and-signature, chip-and-PIN devices and, of course, magnetic stripe. Bindo’s mobile contactless payment will operate on an EMV-based payments infrastructure.


The company offers an Android-based mPOS tablet called LeafPresenter. This mPOS device is part of the Leaf Essentials hardware bundle which also includes software, a base station, a printer and a cash drawer apart from the tablet itself.


The startup firm offers equipment to allow merchants to accept mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and also secure credit card payments. Read more here and here.


Poynt offers an mPOS terminal—christened as a future-proof payment terminal—having the versatility of a mobile device and available to merchants at an affordable price. The Poynt Smart Terminal has been designed to meet all PCI and EMV requirements and supports multiple payment methods like traditional debit/credit cards, EMV chip-based cards, NFC payments (as in Apple Pay and Google Wallet) and also supports payment technologies like Bluetooth and QR code.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems provides iPad point-of-sale solutions that accept Apple Pay payments via Chase Paymentech.


The German firm offers an NFC-based mobile chip-and-PIN card reader that was deployed in the European market in 2014.



The bitcoin wallet service boasts of 2.3 million active users making it the most widely used Bitcoin wallet service. Read more here, here and here.


The company is a leading bitcoin payment-processing platform provider.


Coinplug provides bitcoin exchange, a wallet, okBitcard and payment processing services in Korea and the Asian market.


The company has already built exchange and trading platforms for finance and online advertising spaces. It now has around a dozen clients globally. The AlphaPoint Exchange platform is capable of processing one million digital currency transactions per second.


The company has developed a bitcoin price volatility solution called LOCKS. LOCKS will allow Coinapult customers outside the US to peg the value of bitcoin to that of gold, silver, US dollars or any other asset.


BitFlyer currently allows anyone with a Japanese account to buy and sell bitcoins.


itBit is a Bitcoin trading exchange that allows for trade between US dollars, euros, Singapore dollars and bitcoin. It utilizes NASDAQ technology to support millions of trades per second.


CoinLab’s main agenda is the concept of MMORPG mining. Basically, the intention is to leverage bitcoin to monetize players for hugely popular MMOs such as EVE Online and World of Warcraft (WoW).


Kraken has been designed to bring digital currency traders some of the same features enjoyed by forex traders, such as stop orders and margin trading. It is an upcoming exchange for cryptocurrencies.


Circle Internet Financial was launched with the aim of increasing the adoption of digital currencies such as bitcoin by enabling consumers and merchants with a payment platform.


Coinbase lets any consumer to create a bitcoin wallet and start buying/selling bitcoin instantly by connecting their bank account.


GoCoin focuses on providing bitcoin payment processing for e-commerce, digital content and interactive/social gaming companies. Online content, gaming and e-commerce are the primary focus sectors.


Huntercoin is affordably accessible to the majority because dedicated and expensive "mining" hardware isn’t a necessity according to them.

HighKart only accepts bitcoin, and only ships within India. The company utilizes Bitcoin Payment Solutions (BIPS) for payment processing.

Dragon’s Tale

Dragon’s Tale uses Bitcoins in the place of casino chips. Players can either import their personal bitcoin balance into the game or they can gather small amounts of bitcoin that are given for free within Dragon’s Tale.


LeetCoin provides a competitive gaming platform wherein gamers can battle each other for bitcoins.


It enables users to buy and sell bitcoins. The ATM machine from Robocoin is equipped with biometric time locks and privacy-shielded touchscreen and has features like Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities.


BitFantasy is a bitcoin-driven MMORPG in its early beta development phase. Players within the game can trade with each other using bitcoins.

Mobile Remittance Startups

Currency Cloud:

Launched to market in 2012, Currency Cloud offers cross-border payments as a service. Currency Cloud’s XBPaaS platform offers end-to-end cloud-based cross-currency payments automation service that makes multicurrency payments more frictionless. Read more here, here, here or here.


TransferWise offers a disruptive solution to individuals sending money from one country to the other (involving different currencies). The remittance platform offered by TransferWise is aimed at expats, retirees, overseas workers, and small and micro enterprises.


The business model of this startup is to allow migrants to send money for food and bills to their families through SMSs.


Azimo enables users to send money via Facebook. The sender invites their intended recipient to sign up to Azimo via an automatically sent Facebook message.


Ripple makes it easy to send money anywhere in the world in any currency – instantly and for free. Users simply need to load money to an active Ripple wallet through a participating gateway. He/she can send it in any currency he/she desires to a Ripple user based in China who could accept payment in a completely different currency through a transaction that happens in less than five seconds and costs only a minimal fee.

Prepay Nation

Prepay Nation is a US-based company in the business of enabling international mobile top-ups and cross-border micropayment services from one person to the other. Prepay Nation utilizes the prepaid mobile ecosystem to transfer values in the form of international airtime remittance.


Remitly allows payment from different options, like using bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards.

Note 1: The list above is not exhaustive. Please feel free to suggest other great startups or provide feedback.

Note 2: Though some of these companies might probably look small today, we have seen that some of them go on to qualify for LTP9 Leaderboards.