Six Companies that are Making us Coupon Happy

People sometimes need an incentive to shop, and that is what digital coupons provide. Today a large number of websites offer digital couponing services and provide a reason for people to shop. Different industrywide stakeholders – retailers, manufacturers, big brands – are trying their best to collaborate with such couponing companies to enhance sales and generate more revenues.

It is important to note that Coupon discovery, delivery and redemption is undergoing significant change. For e.g., Direct-to-card coupon redemption method allows for adding coupons to the loyalty card of the retailer directly. Once you shop for the items (and added coupons for them earlier) they will automatically be honored at the POS when you swipe the loyalty card of the retailers. These are exciting times for shoppers and retailers with cloud, mobility, analytics and technology providing a better experience.

Some prominent companies in the field of coupon provision are as follows:


CellFire provides a free, paperless e-coupon service. Its approach to couponing is two-pronged: grocery coupons can be loaded onto the user’s grocery-store discount card; and nongrocery coupons can be loaded onto the user’s cellphone. CellFire works with a number of stores, such as Baker’s, City market

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