6 non payment companies, gaining from payment disruption globally

Mitek Systems (Remote Deposit Capture)

Mitek Systems Inc. is an innovator of mobile document capture applications & advanced image analytics for smartphones.

The company entered into an agreement with Cachet Financial Solutions in 2010 that allowed Cachet to offer Mitek’s mobile RDC capabilities to financial institutions nationwide. A big gain for Mitek which qualifies it for this list.


Broadcomm is a fortune 500 company that provides industry's broadest portfolio of system on a chip (SoC) and software solutions. According to the company, 99.98% of Internet traffic crosses at least one Broadcom chip – in the home, in the hand and across the network.

Google’s initial wallet offering, suffered due to its dependance on secure element and in a way on mobile carriers Verifone, T- Mobile - Enabling Technologies and AT&T. Google's Android Kitkat however, includes a modified version of Google Wallet that uses a slightly different technology. Its new Nexus 5 is equipped with the BCM20793M, a special NFC chip that doesn't include the secure element at the heart of Google Wallet's old functionality. Google uses a Broadcom chip to make this new system work.

Developments in contactless payments can result in landslide gains for Broadcomm.


Found in 2009 by the founder of Expa and StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp along with Travis Kalanick, the founder of world’s first P2P engine. Uber has currently been valued at $3.2 Bn by Google ventures. The business model of Uber is very simple, use technology to provide information to the customer in order to make their ride as predictable and as transparent as possible so as to make them feel safer and comfortable. The fare, including the tip, is automatically charged to their credit card on file. This type of payment system also allows Uber to extend promotional offers to first time users through various promotional codes. We had written about how Uber treats payments as a core element to enhance customer experience.

Recently, Uber has also introduced an option for the customer to pay the fare through Google wallet by linking their Google account with Uber app. This makes it easy to switch between different cards tied to a single account and also helps the customer in keeping all their payment info at one location. Uber gains from simplicity and modern payment tech is helping it deliver that.

Inmar Inc:

Inmar is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (LetsTalkPayments home state). Inmar is a technology based company which operates intelligent commerce networks. The company’s platforms connects offline and online transactions in real time for leading manufacturers, retailers and trading partners across multiple industries who trust Inmar to securely manage billions of dollars in transactions. On October 28th, 2013 Inmar entered into a partnership with NCR Corp, to provide retailers increased control over their digital promotions. This collaboration essentially integrates Inmar’s digital-coupon service with the NCR Corporation’s point-of-sale apps. The program will enable merchants to simply turn on new promotions at will.

28.5 Mn digital coupons were redeemed between January and June 2013 according to a research from Inmar. These numbers are only going to grow with this partnership and that makes it a good contender to this list.

Edo Interactive:

In May 2012, CorFire™, a provider of mobile technology solutions integrated their mobile wallet solution & suite of mobile marketing services (which includes loyalty and gifting) with Edo Interactive’s personalized card-linked offers platform. The joint solution delivers highly-targeted, real-time offers which are tailored to consumer shopping activity and location. This allows merchants to reach new and existing customers with better and more relevant offers. By merging our mobile technology with the edo card-linked offer platform we can provide merchants and financial institutions with a powerful mobile solution to engage their customers, build loyalty and ultimately improve revenues, said chief strategy officer of CorFire, Sang Yook.

Good reasons to appear in this list.

NXP Semiconductors:

NXP has operations in more than 25 countries, and posted revenue of $4.36 billion in 2012. On 23rd September 2013, the company announced that it has shipped over two billion SmartMX™secure microcontroller chips to the growing chip-enabled payment and government identity card markets. NXP is the company that essentially invented NFC technology. They have first mover advantage as it was NXP that supplied the first chip to make it to the U.S. NXP also recently partnered with Microsoft and Sony.

That is why its appears in this list.