6 popular Mobile Payment Apps for Bars and Restaurants

You would agree that when it comes to restaurants suddenly we become a little more impatient. We can’t wait in queue, can’t wait to get our food and finally when we finish eating (and talking) we can’t wait to get the check and pay the bill. The whole bill delivery, check, and tip process takes a minimum of 2 and sometime 3-4 trips of the waitress/waiter. It puts a lot of pressure on the overall functioning of the restaurant. To address this pain point, a number of apps have been launched over the last couple of years targeting Bars and Restaurants specifically.

Some of the popular payment apps for bars and restaurants have been described here:


PayPal announced a major update to its iOS and android apps on 5th September 2013, revealing features designed to make it more convenient for customers to pay restaurant bills and take advantage of deals based on location. Some functions of the app, such as accessing and managing PayPal account and transferring money to a friend, remain the same.

With this update, the PayPal pre order feature which was made possible through its partnership with Eat24 is available at more than 1000 restaurants

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