61% of Canadians expect to Convert from Physical to Virtual Wallets by 2019

Do you believe that virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions in the next five years? How about branchless banking or Amazon Drone delivery? Well, what looked like sci-fi a few years ago is looking very real today. Rogers report says that it has discovered a new demographic, Generation ‘D’. This group lives and breathes life through mobile devices and shares an optimistic view of what’s next, stated the report.

Over 1000 people were surveyed by Harris-Decima between November 21st and December 2nd, 2013. To be very specific, the survey was conducted among a national sample of n=1,009 Canadian panelists, aged 16+ who owned either a tablet device or smartphone for personal use.

Some Highlights from the Survey:

  • 61% of Canadians expect to change from physical to virtual wallets by 2019. This mobile wallet would include debit cards, credit cards and personal ID.
  • 52% of the smartphone owners spend an average of 70% of the day with their phone within reaching distance.
  • 28% of the respondents are willing to skip morning coffee in exchange for anytime, anywhere internet. 8% are willing to give up their cars for the same.
  • 50% of the people seem to think that face-to-face interactions to be completely replaced by virtual communication by 2019.
  • 25% of Canadians admit to Facebook Instant messaging or tweeting someone while in the same room; 52% Gen Y tapped into this trend. The most popular app was facebook (74%) for majority of Canadians and SnapChat for Gen Y (46%).
  • 49% of the TV Viewers claimed that they would take to social media with the intention of altering a show’s plot by voting in real time.
  • A tremendous 84% believe that cars will provide weather alerts and foresee accidents.

This video gives you a summary of the key findings:

As far as future gadgets are concerned, Generation D excepts the smartphone of 2019 to be equipped with Retina Scanner, Mind e-Reader and Augmented Reality. They also expect 3-D screens to be a permanent fixture with 25% of the Canadians envisioning themselves using at least two connected accessories within the next 5 years.

'Enhanced networks are leading to a rise in internet usage in Canada, creating 'Generation D' - a group that lives and breathes life online and that shares an optimistic view of what's next,' said Hyun-Hee Pyun, VP of marketing, Rogers Communications, Eastern Canada. 'Over the next few years, technology will continue to shift into high gear, offering consumers completely personalized connected experiences anytime, anywhere.'

Here is a slideshow of some of the interesting statistics from the report:

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Founded in 1960 by Ted Rogers, Rogers Communications Inc., is a media and communications company based in Ontario, Canada. The company had recently announced the launch of its new virtual wallet Suretap that works on NFC technology to enable users to pay with their phone.

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