7 Banks Integrated Touch ID, 2 More to Follow

In June, during its WWDC event, Apple announced that it was opening up the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to third-party app developers. Earlier, Touch ID was limited to App Store and iTunes purchases and unlocking the device. The announcement caught the attention of banks, and we are witnessing Touch ID being used for accessing mobile banking services. Here are some banks who have already adopted Touch ID in their mobile banking apps:

American Express

The bank recently updated its Amex Mobile app with a new Touch ID based feature. Now you can log into your account, using the banking app, using Touch ID. The new feature utilizes the fingerprint sensor on your iPhone for logins. Touch ID was opened to third party apps with advent of iOS version 8. The Amex Mobile app helps in making payments, tracking recent charges and manages Membership Rewards points as well. The app sends out security alerts on suspicious account activity and verifies charges. Touch ID would be a value add-on for this verification process as well.

ING Bank

The Belgian version of ING Smart Banking app was updated last month to support Touch ID. The app now provides secure access to banking services on the app through fingerprint authentication. The app has been specifically designed for banking customers, although only in Belgium. Customers can monitor their investments right from the app itself. ING is the first Belgian bank that uses biometrics in an app.

OutBank DE

The bank updated its app in October this year to incorporate support for Touch ID. The updated banking app is being touted as the first by a German bank to support Apple’s Touch ID. With Touch ID, the bank is protecting sensitive banking data without having to retype a password each time while gaining access. With incorrect password input, transactions may fail and even the database may be affected upon multiple failed attempts. With Touch ID, the banking process takes place seamlessly on the go in minimal attempts.

Deutsche Bank

The German bank offers a dedicated iOS app for online banking services dubbed as My Bank. The app was updated to version 2.1.0 bringing in support for Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Customers with Touch ID compatible iDevices, running iOS 8, can access online banking services without having to enter a password. The app provides access to all important banking and brokerage services from Deutsche Bank.

Noris Bank

This is the third German Bank to have adopted Touch ID for integration into its banking app. With the norisbank app, customers can conduct banking from anywhere. They can keep track of balances, or perform a transfer or give direct debits back. The norisbank app enables customers to use all major banking functions. It provides you with a detailed overview of accounts and cards with current balances. On the sales screen, it provides detailed information about individual postings from the last 180 days. Transfer types supported include both domestic and forward transfer. With so many features in a single banking app, the bank made the right move in adopting Touch ID.

St. George Bank

The bank had rolled out its updated mobile banking app integrated with Touch ID in September. The biometric-log-in-enabled app is the first of its kind in Australia. The new built-in feature in the app enables customers to choose an option on the app’s home screen to use Touch ID to log in to Internet banking. The bank expands the Touch ID feature to enable in-app services such as checking account balances, transferring money and carrying out transactions. The bank assures that customer credentials will not be stored on the phone.

Tangerine Bank

This was the first online bank to introduce fingerprint-recognition technology, back in 2000, using specialized hardware. But the authentication system back then was not for mobile banking, and the fingerprint scanner required a separate piece of hardware along with some complex installation procedures. To overcome all this hassle, the bank integrated Touch ID into its mobile app in October.

And, here are the two banks that will adopt Touch ID soon:

Bank of America

The bank updated its app in June, bringing in loads of new features, and looking to integrate Touch ID in future iterations of the app. Bank of America is working hard to make its app a one-stop shop for the average user’s every banking need. The bank’s developer team is closely following customer suggestions in evolving the mobile app. The bank is working with established consortiums to bring more features with emerging capabilities including Touch ID integration.

City Bank of Texas

City Bank of Texas is working to adopt Touch ID for the internal apps it provides to employees as well as for mobile banking and financial-management apps. The bank plans to first enable customers to use Touch ID only to access specific information.