7 Bitcoin Companies, their Updates & Common Trends

Bitcoin is one of the most talked about subjects in the payments industry today. Braintree’s Bill Ready said recently that it will impact mainstream payments and is no more an interesting computer science experiment. Folks at Braintree’s parent Paypal think the same. The VC group, especially in the valley, is certainly inclined towards it as one Bitcoin company after the other raises significant rounds of funding (e.g., Bitnet raised $14 M in Series A).

Below are some updates on 7 leading Bitcoin wallets. Major trends that cut across these companies updates are - Increasing focus on Mobility/Native apps, Enabling mobile payments at retail checkout, Enabling micro-payments, Contactless/NFC Bitcoin payments, and Improving authentication and security.


Circle has launched native apps for both iOS and Android. These apps act as a critical companion to the web service that allows customers to use native apps to make payments, send and request money, and instantly deposit and conver ...

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