7 Moves PayPal Made that Shows Who’s The Boss

PayPal is indeed the good old pal helps us pay. PayPal does offer a robust payment system that is device independent, platform independent and technology independent as well. There has been digital disruption causing a dramatic change in the function, purpose and design of the payments channel in just over a decade. PayPal is making bold moves in the payments domain to show that it is still playing a key role in creating that digital disruption.

PayPal Android App & Fingerprint Support

The official android app for PayPal in the Google Play store has been updated to include biometric authentication support. The app will now support fingerprint recognition for compatible Samsung smart devices. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Tab S can simply use the fingerprint sensor to authenticate PayPal transactions. This feature was already available in the PayPal app that was part of the Samsung app store.

PayPal & One Touch Payments

Braintree, the mobile payments platform owned by PayPal, is rolling out the One Touch payment experience in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and UK. Braintree’s service is integrated with PayPal and allows users to pay for products and services on a range of apps with a single tap in a secure manner. Braintree claims the service to be faster and safer for mobile shoppers, helping in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

PayPal & Black Friday

The company has reported that Black Friday saw a record-breaking number of customers shopping on mobile. As per the online commerce data gathered by PayPal internally, it has witnessed a 56% increase in global mobile payment volume for Thanksgiving as compared to last year. The mobile payment volume has increased by 62% for Black Friday as compared to last year. Considering the number of mobile shoppers, PayPal witnessed a 43% increase in the number for Thanksgiving and 51% increase for Black Friday.

PayPal & Windows Phone

PayPal’s Windows Phone app was updated recently to enable payments at merchants who support PayPal Here. PayPal Here is an app which works as a cash register to accept payments on phones. The app accepts payments via PayPal or via the debit/credit card readers. Users can also find businesses using PayPal Here with the standard PayPal app. When companies sign up to use PayPal Here, they can input their business information which enables discoverability of their business. The app was further updated yesterday to bring support for more retail locations.

PayPal & SmartWatches

Paypal’s mobile payments app can be used on the Pebble smartwatch as well. The app creates an auto-generated code for making payments wherever PayPal is accepted. The Pebble’s PayPal app automatically communicates with the merchant’s point of sale once a user checks into a store on the app itself. Apart from payments, Pebble users can receive notifications as well. The app uses your location to find nearby merchants who readily accept PayPal as a payment method. The app can also display payment receipts once the transactions go through. The PayPal app is available for Android Wear devices like Samsung’s Gear 2, Gear S and Gear Fit.

PayPal’s ‘Pay After Delivery

Last month, PayPal officially launched its ‘Pay After Delivery’ service. The company also announced new partnerships with Burger King, GoDaddy, and Cybersource. The new ‘Pay After Delivery’ service lets PayPal users pay for goods up to 14 days after the purchase has been made. The spending limit on the purchases has been set at $10,000. To avail of the service, customers simply have to provide PayPal with a valid bank account number. While a customer can make purchases and pay later, merchants are paid immediately by PayPal. This signals that PayPal is basically offering a two-week loan to its customers and that too interest-free.

PayPal & Smart Dressing Room

eBay, which owns PayPal, had tied up with the fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff to deliver a unique retail experience at one of the brand’s stores in New York, dubbed as a ‘smart dressing room’. It basically involves a dressing room featuring a computerized mirror display. The important part is that eBay is using this display to drive the use of its mobile payment platform PayPal. Speaking of the customer experience, the ‘smart dressing room’ recognizes the product you pick from the shelves, recommends other items in the store to pair with it with and sends instructions about size, color, etc. to the sales clerk.

The computerized mirror display gives the customer an option to check out then and there. eBay is leveraging this experience to push PayPal which is the only mobile payment method which the smart dressing room accepts. Customers who have the PayPal app on their phone can check-in when they enter the store and can simply use the mirror display when they want to pay.