7 Most Popular Virtual Currencies, Apart from Bitcoin

With Bitcoin being the talk of the town, virtual currencies certainly have everybody's attention. Through all the pitfalls, regulations and debates, the fact remains that Bitcoin has had an 80 fold increase in the year 2013 and was valued at an astounding $1,124 per BTC only last week. Nevertheless, fluctuations also remain a constant issue for the currency which dropped to as low as $760 yesterday, and rose again to $902 on 9th December 2013.

This development has given rise to a slew of alternate virtual currencies (more than 140) similar to Bitcoin and a lot of techies, gamers, punters, hedge pundits and professionals are looking at other options as a more viable investment.

Here are 7 other Virtual currencies for you to choose from: (Value as of December 9th 2013):

LiteCoin (Code: LTC)

If Bitcoin is a form of modern Gold then

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