7 Prepaid Solutions offered by Payment Companies

From $148 billion loaded by consumers onto the network branded prepaid cards in 2009, this sector has definitely gained the critical mass. The amount expected for 2014, as predicted by Mercator Advisory Group stands at $ 354 billion. To tap into this market, a number of companies have released tailor made prepaid solutions. Some of them have been discussed here:

Berkley Payment Solutions:

Berkeley payment solutions was founded in 2006 in North America to deliver MasterCard and Visa prepaid card programs for governments, financial institutions and corporations. It offers an extensive suite of services including product development, program management, IT consulting, accounting, reporting, integration, card design, processing and card fulfillment. It serves major government clients and over 500 corporate (like Nissan, Yamaha, Adidas, HP, HSBC, Revlon etc.) in North America spanning all industries and business functions.

Prepaid Visa and MasterCard programs provided by Berkeley have large number of uses such as:

Berkeley payments solutions provide both reloadable and non-reloadable card programs. It`s reorder rate is approximately 97% because its solutions deliver busines ...

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