7 Useful Tools for Online Sellers

For merchants, selling online is not just about setting up a website and hosting products. There are a number of aspects that have to be managed in order to keep the online business up and running. The arena of e-commerce solutions brings a host of tools and technologies to efficiently manage the platforms that online sellers use. Here are some prominent companies who provide some noteworthy tools for online sellers:


Acculynk secures online transactions with a suite of software-only services backed by a patented authentication and encryption framework that provides greater security for issuers, EFT networks, merchants and payment processors. Acculynk’s PaySecure utilizes a graphical PIN-pad for the secure entry of a consumer’s PIN online and is available to merchants through existing acquirer relationships, enabling speedy implementation. PaySecure is currently enabled on over 3,000 merchant websites. Acculynk has partnerships with 10 EFT networks to process PaySecure transactions and with six leading payment processors, and is certified with PULSE, First Data and Master Card, among other key industry leaders. Acculynk also provides PayLeap gateway and acquiring and card processing services.


With its omni-channel platform, Adyen has the ability to process payments made online or on mobile devices. This enables retailers to deliver compelling shopping experiences, whether through express checkout, home delivery of in-store purchases or in-store returns of online purchases. The Adyen technology transforms the commerce experience by replacing multiple platforms with a single solution, bringing reliable and seamless transactions, enhanced data security, risk and fraud management, delivering significant cost savings and increased customer conversions.


With AuctionBlox, merchants can have their own hassle-free online store. Merchants can easily advertise their products on eBay, Google and their own online store all from a centralized dashboard. For merchants with bulk listings on their own E-Commerce sites and eBay, AuctionBlox makes integrating those businesses together and managing them simple and easy. From a single dashboard, merchants can control and optimize their sites, and can open new channels to expand their enterprise into new and uncharted territories.


buySAFE Inc. provides brand building and website conversion solutions for online merchants. It offers eCommerce bonding services that build consumer confidence and provide financial and brand building benefits to merchants in addition to identity theft protection services. The company inspects and underwrites an online merchant to ensure its financial stability and monitors merchants’ delivery on their terms of sale. In addition, it operates buySAFE Shopping, a comparison shopping site featuring online merchants.


When customers’ payments fail, Declinery enables merchants to send a series of emails asking them to update their billing information. Merchants can preview and send these emails manually or set them to send automatically. Declinery's emails are entirely customizable to reflect a merchant’s brand. Declinery’s system ensures that merchants communicate promptly with their at-risk customers so that their payment information stays up to date. Declinery is powered by Stripe Connect to securely access merchant’s Stripe account and customer data.


Loylogic develops and provides international eCommerce and mCommerce shopping solutions for loyalty points with innovative loyalty programs worldwide. The turnkey solutions offered by Loylogic are:

  • Loylogic EarnOnline – This solution allows loyalty program members to earn more points or miles while shopping online from nearly every country across the globe.
  • Loylogic BurnOnline – This solution allows loyalty program members to redeem points or miles for all the products and services in the program-branded online reward shop from almost every country across the globe.
  • PointsPay: PointsPay Inc., a subsidiary of Loylogic, runs a mobile ePayment solution which enables members of loyalty programs to redeem points or miles in online stores at over 30Mn merchants across the globe. It is a unique redemption solution used to reward the best program members and allows thanking them for their loyalty.


SalesWarp helps retailers break down barriers in a multichannel operation to manage all product, order, inventory and customer data from one system. This provides seamless data flow all-across and advanced intelligence for effective decision-making and a more streamlined, profitable and responsive retail business. SalesWarp's advanced eCommerce software automates all online and retail operations from a single system. Retailers can consolidate all customer, order, and product data across every eCommerce website, marketplace, B2B sales channel and POS system, while integrating the supply chain to synchronize order management and inventory management.