8 Companies Excelling in Retail Analytics in North America

Analytics can make a company’s core product set very rich and useful and drive company valuation. There are some successful companies in the space. Collaboration can always help to get to market faster but building functionality in-house would be the preferred method. What is this functionality? As the data sets become richer, insights get stronger the stickiness of the solutions becomes very high. This can provide an edge as compared to just the proximity campaigns where each time the campaign has to be sold and can be turned down.

Euclid Analytics

The company provides a lucrative analytics solution for brick-and-mortar retailers. It helps retailers in tracking shopper traffic, loyalty and other metrics around customer’s visits. Euclid’s solution involves pre-configured sensors that connect with the network-connected switch. These sensors can detect customers’ phones that have their WiFi switched on. The analytics system tracks the associated MAC addresses, using a one-way hashing algorithm, in order to gain insights on how many people visit the store, when they enter, the duration of their stay, etc. The advanced heuristics extract ...

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