8 Companies Excelling in Retail Analytics in North America

Analytics can make a company’s core product set very rich and useful and drive company valuation. There are some successful companies in the space. Collaboration can always help to get to market faster but building functionality in-house would be the preferred method. What is this functionality? As the data sets become richer, insights get stronger the stickiness of the solutions becomes very high. This can provide an edge as compared to just the proximity campaigns where each time the campaign has to be sold and can be turned down.

Euclid Analytics

The company provides a lucrative analytics solution for brick-and-mortar retailers. It helps retailers in tracking shopper traffic, loyalty and other metrics around customer’s visits. Euclid’s solution involves pre-configured sensors that connect with the network-connected switch. These sensors can detect customers’ phones that have their WiFi switched on. The analytics system tracks the associated MAC addresses, using a one-way hashing algorithm, in order to gain insights on how many people visit the store, when they enter, the duration of their stay, etc. The advanced heuristics extract actionable insights from the data and store the results in Amazon's highly secure data centers. Euclid delivers location analytics reports by using the web-based dashboard and also schedules email reports making it easier and more convenient to measure and optimize the retail business. Speciality: Location analytics - metrics to understand visitor behavior, shopping patterns, and store performance.

Mexia Interactive

MEXIA has built a highly dependable and scalable solution that installs hundreds of sophisticated sensors within large indoor facilities. The system produces data and mobile engagement for indoor spaces where GPS networks can’t reach. Each sensor delivers detailed location analytics as well as proximity marketing solutions via Apple’s iBeacon and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) for Android devices. Sensors also include next generation enterprise Wi-Fi capability. MEXIA has developed a sophisticated, hardwired system of indoor sensors that passively monitor and analyze indoor foot traffic. The system allows clients to reveal hidden revenue opportunities by identifying patterns in how people move through large facilities, and by offering clients the ability to leverage this knowledge with proximity marketing. Speciality: real-time analytics for better consumer experiences based on location.

Radius Network

The company’s Mobile Proximity Platform helps businesses understand and engage customers at specific locations. The Mobile Proximity Platform uses software and hardware solutions to interact with customers. It allows detection of presence of customers, who opt-in to use the location feature in application, and engages them immediately and on location. Engagement may be via the device itself (messaging), subtle (digital displays) or in person (concierge). Radius Proximity Beacons can detect the presence of mobile devices through the wireless signals they emit. When customers opt-in to a partner's application, it allows these signals to be matched with their profile this providing analytical insights. Speciality: hyper-proximity micro-location analytics and engagement.


Brickstream’s technology intelligently collects, integrates and analyzes data related to the actions of people as they enter, move through and exit an environment, delivering the equivalent of online clickstream analytics for the brick-and-mortar world. Brickstream combines intelligence at the edge with intelligence in the cloud for an end-to-end behavior intelligence solution. The company’s analytics solution includes:

  • Path tracking analytics embedded in the Brickstream smart devices and BehaviorIQ, offering rich people metrics across a series of linked devices.
  • BehaviorIQ, an extendable software platform for data management and integration with the enterprise data warehouse.
  • Real-time dashboards, reports, alerts, and analytics tools.

Speciality: in-store analytics for consumer behavior, retail operations, marketing and security.


SwiftIQ allows enterprises to access powerful machine learning infrastructure-as-a-service, including data storage, an algorithm catalog, a user interface and scalable APIs to extract insights from complex data quickly and make applications smarter. Swift Predictions allows enterprises to harness adaptive, machine-generated predictive tools and embed intelligence into applications. The catalog includes a range of algorithms for: Recommendations, Classifiers, Frequent Pattern Mining and Clustering. Speciality: predictive analytics using POS and other data to optimize inventory, identify fraud and improve labor utilization.


Nomi harnesses Wi-Fi to give brick and mortar retailers the chance to gather insights on their customers. As long as people have Wi-Fi turned on, Nomi’s sensors can tell retailers how many people have passed by, how many are coming in, and how much time they spend there once they’ve entered. It also indicates which customers are new and which ones are repeats, and all of this information is pulled into a simple dashboard showing data visualizations of what’s going on inside the store. The company got acquired by Brickstream last month. Speciality: in-store analytics.


RetailNext provides Big Data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Their patented technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers worldwide retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data. Robust and scalable, the patented RetailNext platform uses best-in-class video analytics, Wi-Fi detection of mobile devices (including Bluetooth), data from point-of-sale systems, and other sources to inform retailers about how customers engage with their stores. This comprehensive and highly versatile platform easily integrates with a number of store data sources, including promotional calendars, staffing systems, and even weather services to analyze how numerous factors impact shopping behavior. Speciality: big data analytics driven in-store analytics solution.

Capillary Technologies

The company provides an integrated marketing platform based on customer analytics . Capillary’s Customer Intelligence Manager brings the power of customer data analytics and visualization for anywhere, anytime reports, dashboards and tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It enables deep customer insights and quick decision making through intuitive reporting and analysis. It provides all the insights on KPIs such as sales, CRM, loyalty, store leader boards and more at your fingertips. It also helps in customizing reports to view the data that best fits your needs with advanced filtering options like zones, date range, stores and loyalty tiers. Speciality: customer analytics based integrated marketing platform.