8 Current Affairs in Proximity Marketing, a Market Waiting to Unfold

In addition to the well-understood mobile shopping use cases, proximity platforms could also transform digital out-of-home, or even traditional billboard marketing. Proximity marketing can be done at bus stops, sporting arenas and events are all areas where beacons or even near field communication chips could create multichannel campaigns. Many proximity marketing companies are providing add-on features which help in measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness and better understand the customer journey. In the case of proximity marketing which was initially driven by SMS and WiFi, transformation started with the introduction of NFC. BLE technology gave a meaningful direction to proximity marketing.

Here are some recent news items highlighting companies bringing new developments in the field of proximity marketing:

LoyaltyGrid brings reward programs for luxury brands via NFC

This Dutch startup has launched a solution to enable luxury brands to reward their customers at the point of sale. The NFC tags have been embedded in the product packaging and would help deliver rewards, discounts, special event invites and other exclusive content and incentives directly to customers. The company had first launched the NFC based proximity marketing service at the Luxe Pack event in Monaco.

The major challenge ...

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