8 Industries That AI Will Change Forever

It would probably be more accurate to say that AI has already forever changed those industries as it is not the technology of the future anymore, it's the reality. And the industry is well-positioned for explosive growth as AI solutions are highly customizable to serve needs across industries. Some estimates suggest that the total global market for robots and artificial intelligence will reach ~$153 billion by 2020, and the adoption of these technologies could improve productivity by 30% in some industries.

The importance and impact of AI across industries have been recognized by professionals researching, developing its capabilities and implementing it. Scientists from Stanford recently published a paper listing some of the industries that AI will transform or have a profound impact on. Some of them are quite interesting examples. We won't be paying attention to robots in manufacturing and warehousing as it no longer a breakthrough, but a given reality and has even become mundane.


With increasingly connected vehicles that in addition are self-driving, AI is replacing the need for a driver at all. Estimates suggest that the installation rate of AI-based systems in new vehicles will jump from 8% in 2015 to 109% in 2025 with the number of intellige ...

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