8 Mobile POS Companies Building NFC Acceptance

NFC has become a new standard for mobile payments. People were writing off NFC in 2012/13 and analysts had lowered estimates. From ViVOtech to Softcard (Isis) there were numerous failures. Just when things were looking gloomy, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 with NFC and Apple Pay and the rest is history. Today it is becoming quite clear that from a financial services sector standpoint as well as the smartphone/OS companies’ standpoint (Samsung, Google, Apple) NFC and its variants (including HCE-based NFC) are the chosen technologies for the long term.

There are a number of US-based mPOS companies who have taken initiatives to keep up with the new NFC trends in the market. Here are some of the companies offering NFC-based mPOS solutions:


Clover Network Inc., which makes the Clover tablet-based point-of-sale system, incorporated NFC support after Apple Pay’s launch last year. Clover is owned by First Data Corporation a payment processor that is one of the initial supporters of Apple Pay. The Clover POS system is able to accept Apple Pay contactless transactions using a First Data Corporation PIN pad that has a built-in contactless reader and smart card reader for Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) transactions. First Data’s support of ...

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