9 Global Fintech Startups Founded in the Last 6 Months

The payments industry is witnessing numerous innovations being driven by startups. The new companies in the payments arena are working hard at disrupting the entire payments ecosystem. A number of startups have emerged in recent times challenging the existing established players. Here are some notable startups that have surfaced in the past 6 months:


Bsavi is a new personal finance startup that offers a money management tool to help people save money as they plan to spend on a daily basis. It shows users exactly how much they can spend on a daily basis after all their planned and fixed expenses have been accounted for. It has a feature called Daily Available Cash, which acts as the catalyst for many forthcoming features such as credit monitoring, mobile payments, crowd savings and more. The Cape Town-based startup has set out to disrupt and reinvent the global financial ecosystem with its social, financial data transaction exchange ...

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