9 Supply Chain Finance Companies in Asia

Faced with increasing pressure to meet short-term liquidity needs, companies are looking for easy and convenient ways to manage their working capital and supply chain. Concerns surrounding risk and liquidity management have driven the demand for financial supply chain management solutions. Supply chain finance aims to improve the financial efficiency of the supply chain and substantially reduce the working capital of both buyers and suppliers. It allows buyers to extend payment terms while providing suppliers access to better financing rates. It creates a true win-win situation for the buyer as well as for the supplier. Such financing solutions promise a market in continents like Asia due to its fragmented nature. We bring to you a list of companies in Asia which aim in providing supply chain financing solutions to emerging SMBs and mid-sized companies.

1. ApexPeak

The Singapore-based company helps underserved small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in optimizing their cash flow to grow their businesses. The company provides cash and/or lines of credit backed by receivables and/or payables.

2. China Systems

China Systems offers supply chain financing and (reverse) factoring capabilities as an integrated part of its Java EE-based Eximbills Enterprise solution. The solution can handle buyer finance, supplier finance, invoice discounting, export factoring, import factoring, domestic factoring and reverse factoring. Customer Enterprise can be used as a collaborative channel for buyers and suppliers to exchange data and documents in real time. The back-end component will monitor these exchanges and intervene to provide financing to either party upon request or based on predefined agreements.

3. PrimeRevenue

PrimeRevenue’s SCiSupplier is a solution for multibank supply chain finance and dynamic discounting on the market. It allows buyers to increase their payment terms and generate substantial cash flow gains or improve their collected discounts by helping their suppliers get paid early. The solution gives us the freedom to use third-party funders and/or to self-fund your supply chain finance program.

4. Tata Capital

The Commercial Finance Division at Tata Capital provides supply chain financing solutions for ecosystems of large, medium, small, emerging corporates as well as government and public sector enterprises. Its tailored product offerings include channel finance, purchase invoice discounting, sales invoice discounting/bill discounting, purchase order funding, SME loans, flexi loans, term loans, working capital demand loans and lease rental discounting.

5. Tangent

The company provides solutions in supply chain finance (SCF), e-invoicing and invoice processing for industry verticals like SMEs and large manufacturing sectors. Its solutions enable a business entity to enhance their operational and process efficiency, workflow automation, document management, cross-currency transactions and connect multi-parties. The company offers services like CashCow+ which is the flagship product for the supply chain finance domain while the other service SpeedM is targeted for e-invoicing and processing transactions.

6. Eternal Asia

The company has formed various strategic partnerships with many banks, and based on its bank credit, it provides its customers diversified supply chain financial services. The various options provided by the firm under supply chain financing are short-term financing, financing leasing of equipment and overall capital solution and IPO counseling.

7. GT Nexus

GT Nexus provides supply chain finance solutions which enable buyers and their suppliers to free up working capital, reduce risk and increase order fulfillment capacity through order and invoice financing programs. Buyers take advantage of early payment discounts, suppliers speed up receivables and all financial transactions take place automatically on a cloud-based network. The program has various components like early payment program, export financing and payment protection.

8. 1st PMF Bancorp

PMF has designed a comprehensive trade financing platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Its supply chain financing program assists growing businesses in securing and insuring the imported goods from many countries, especially China. The company’s global network of offices throughout Asia allows it to assist areas of letters of credit, onsite inspections, production monitoring, credit evaluation, logistics support from their staff in China, and much more.


ASYX is a supply chain finance solution company with offices in Singapore, Jakarta and Guangzhou. Founded in 2006, the company offers PO & RA Financing which is an agreement between the supplier and the financial institution allowing suppliers to receive financing at competitive conditions based upon genuine trade finance documents from buyers, which are connected to the ASYX Platform. In addition, the solutions offered are early payment solutions, late payment solutions and factoring solutions.

Bonus Company:

Aditya Birla Finance

The company deals with SMEs, mid-corporate and large corporate clients and aims to provide customized financing solutions to meet their working capital and growth finance needs. The company provides invoice discounting solutions under supply chain financing, which enables companies to convert their receivables into cash which in turn improves liquidity, resulting in a healthy and continuous cash flow for their businesses.