9 Supply Chain Finance Companies in the US

Concerns surrounding risk and liquidity management have driven the demand for financial supply chain management solutions. Supply chain finance aims to improve the financial efficiency of the supply chain and substantially reduce the working capital of both buyers and suppliers. It allows buyers to extend payment terms while providing suppliers access to better financing rates. It creates a true win-win situation for the buyer as well as for the supplier. We bring to you a list of companies in the US which aim in providing supply chain financing solutions to emerging SMBs and mid-sized companies.

1. PrimeRevenue

PrimeRevenue recognizes that supply chain finance is much more than just math and that there is no one-size fits all approach. Its cloud-based platform delivers programs designed specifically for a business, throughout a supply chain whether it’s a buyer or supplier. From traditional supply chain finance programs that will unlock millions in working capital, to dynamic discounting programs, to solutions for mid-tier suppliers, PrimeRevenue is all about supply chain finance.

PrimeRevenue caters to both sides of the liquidity equation with solutions that g ...

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