You can’t design a sales strategy around contact names. You need customer insights.

The FI FinTech Data Pack helps you target the right Financial Institutions, saving you time and money. You can’t get this data anywhere else.


Why is our FI FinTech data unique?

Proprietary ratings, financial metrics, and contacts for every bank and credit union in the US. MEDICI has partnered with FedFis to create the FI FinTech Data Pack which empowers you to answer questions like:

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What is in this data?

The FI FinTech Data Pack provides you everything you need to get in the door.
Updated quarterly with 98% accuracy… No bounced emails!

Key Financials

Bank & Credit Union

# DDA Accounts, # Branches, Total Loans, Total Securities, Total Deposits, Loans/Deposit Ratio

One Year Growth:
Assets, Loans, Deposits.

Tier 1 leverage Ratio, Return on Average Assets, Efficiency Ratio, Nonperforming Assets/ Total Assets

FI Ratings

Proprietary 5 point score

FI Safety Rating:
Overall FI Health Rating.

FI Acquisition Risk Score:
Avoid FIs likely to be acquired.

FI Contract Profitability Score:
Target Financial Institutions that are healthy & growing.

Contact Data

Emails for every Contact

FinTech Decision Makers + more

Name and Title

Phone Number & Website

Cert # and RSSD # for easy integration between your CRM & Marketing

Who’s using it?

This data is used by early stage FinTech startups to one of the largest FI
FinTech providers in the US.

Fi FinTech data was the bedrock of my entire sales strategy. At Malauzai, my team and I used it to sell to 500 FIs in 5 years.

Tanner Mayo
President, FedFis

The FI Fintech Data Pack has been our number one tool for sales by providing us with data that is not only robust but highly actionable. It has allowed us to feel confident in our sales strategy by allowing us to target the best banks while avoiding the riskiest ones. I'd recommend it to any company looking to work with Financial Institutions.

Christian Ruppe
CEO, Monotto

How do I use this data?

Use cases

Develop prioritized
pipeline strategy to
meet your sales goals

Improve your sale
qualification process

Populate your CRM
with contacts and
relevant data

The FI FinTech Data Pack: A Partnerships between and