A Beacon of Hope: Making Shopping Personal With Big Data

From online retail stores to apps that let you do your own billing, we’ve come a long way from traditional marketplaces where there was a fair degree of human interaction. In this age of fast-paced information sharing, consumers know exactly what they want. And if they don’t, there are enough tools available at their disposal to help them make an informed choice without relying on storekeepers.

We’ve reached a stage where retailers are toying with the idea of sending out deliveries via drones. And at the pace with which technology is restructuring the retail industry, the day you are greeted by a hovering delivery drone at the door is not too far away.

If we were to closely take a look at how the retail industry is changing, the role big data is playing is quite evident. The use of retail data analytics is one of the biggest factors that is making shopping a lot more convenient and customized. Major players are applying big data at every step of the retail process to sell more and make customers keep coming back to buy more.

Heineken, one of the largest beer manufacturers, analysed co ...

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