A Mobile Payment Application that Allows You to Split, Tip, Pay, and Donate!

When you are paying a $100 bill at a restaurant or buying movie tickets, you wouldn't mind donating a dollar or two towards charity, would you? This is easier said than done, whether or not you might be on a guilt trip while paying for your entertainment. The probability of you actually making that donation would be much higher if it were easy to do, instead of having to go through a separate standalone process. Full Society, a socially conscious US tech startup is creating a mobile application for iOS which enables diners to pay their restaurant bills as well as donate for charity through the mobile application.

Full Society allows customers to pay restaurant bills without waiting for the server to hand the bill (check). Its software will link to the restaurant’s existing POS systems and allow servers and restaurant owners to track orders and send paper-free bills to the recipients.

The specialty of the app is that it allows customers to split the check even if the fellow diners do not use the app. It also enables the diners to donate any amount to the app’s partners which are currently 2 Baltimore nonprofits: Helping Up Mission and Paul’s Place. The app allows diners to have full control of the donation and tip amounts and also has the option to skip donations.

Full Society’s app also keeps track of the donation amounts over time and rewards the generous donors with perks. The donors will receive memberships and discounts to Dinner Lab events if the donation amount is above $125.

The company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the final stages of development for its mobile payments app that allows diners to pay the restaurant bill, tip and donate for charities fighting hunger - all with a single mobile application.

Full Society’s product has 30 days to raise its target funding of $20,000. Out of the total funding, about $17,000 will be utilized for technical development and iPhone programming, while the remaining amount will cover the marketing, advertising, and promotion costs. Two days into the IndieGoGo campaign, the app has garnered $3086 in funding from 36 investors.

Full Society is a tech startup founded by Paige Cantlin, an MBA student at Johns Hopkins University, which was initially conceived as part of a class project.