A Report on Global RegTech: A $100-Billion Opportunity - Market Overview, Analysis of Incumbents and Startups

After the recession, banks in the US alone have shelled out more than $160 billion as fines, penalties and settlements for non-compliance of regulations. The London-based HSBC Bank spent $2.2 billion on regulation and compliance in the first nine months of 2015, up 33% year on year. The annual spending by financial institutions on compliance is estimated to be in excess of US $70 billion, thereby providing a very large opportunity for RegTech firms. Unlike the incumbents, RegTech solutions are agile while those developed by traditional players are robust. According to a survey by financial brand, risk management, regulatory and governance is the third most important priority for financial institutions globally, post investment in digital channels and product innovation.

The global demand for regulatory, compliance and governance software is expected to reach USD 118.7 bi ...

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