ABnote and MeaWallet Expand Partnership to Deliver Open Loop Mobile Wallet Solutions in Mexico, Central America and South America

ABnote and MeaWallet solutions enhance customer’s current credit/debit card portfolios by providing simple paths forward for EMV mobile payments.

FORT LEE, NJ and SANDVIKA, NORWAY ― [Press Release] ― American Banknote Corporation (ABnote), a pioneer in secure payment and identification solutions, and MeaWallet, a leading provider of cloud-based payment services, announced the expansion of their previously-disclosed strategic partnership into Mexico, Central America and South America. On August 10, 2015, the two companies had announced that, in order to deliver open loop mobile wallet solutions to ABnote customers, MeaWallet’s cloud-based mobile payment platform would be fully integrated into ABnote’s Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) payments platform, providing financial issuers with a simple and cost-effective path to EMV-based payments. With the integration now fully implemented, and joint market opportunities and customer projects identified in Mexico, Central America and South America, ABnote and MeaWallet have broadened their alliance to include exclusive distribution rights to ABnote for the region.

The MeaWallet platform will provide an advanced interface layer for ABnote’s wallet solutions that allows customers the ability to enable payment services as well as other services like loyalty, coupons and more in a mobile wallet. The partnership provides existing and new customers the ability to add branded mobile wallets and cloud-based digital mobile payment cards to their portfolio of card products. The open loop mobile cards will initially support MasterCard and Visa cloud based mobile payment schemes. This means that mobile cards issued using the solution will be accepted for contactless and remote payments at merchants around the world that accepts these schemes.

The ABnote partnership with MeaWallet means that our customers will have a faster route to mobile payments, using new innovative products such as customer branded mobile wallets. said John Ekers, Global CIO at ABnote. In particular, we see the exclusive cooperation now established between our two companies for Mexico, Central America and South America as an important part of our strategy to meet an increasing demand for mobile payment solutions from large players in the region.

The digital mobile payment cards are using tokenization with cloud-based security and Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology. The end-users just tap their smartphone at the merchant NFC-enabled POS-terminal to complete the payment. The service will work at all merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave transactions.

We are proud to expand our partnership with an innovative technology and services provider like ABnote, said Lars Sandtorv, CEO at MeaWallet. We have been monitoring opportunities in Mexico, Central America and South America for some time, and see this region as an important growth market for our solutions. This exclusive distribution agreement enables us to reach more customers and deliver larger projects in the region.

About ABnote

American Banknote Corporation (ABnote) pioneered security solutions, with its counterfeit-resistant currency back in 1795 and today continues to provide customers around the globe peace-of-mind with innovative secure payment and identification solutions. ABnote is a world leader in providing secure ID, visa, vital record and transaction documents, systems and services to government and financial institutions, and is one of the largest producers of plastic transaction cards in the world. No company in history matches ABnote’s reputation for providing and protecting critical documents, sensitive information and state-of-the art solutions. Based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, ABnote has offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany, Dubai and South Africa. To learn what innovation ABnote can deliver to you, please visit.

About MeaWallet

MeaWallet is a leading technology provider of a mobile wallet platform and business components, enabling secure contactless and remote mobile payment services to banks and retailers. In addition to providing the cloud-based digitization platform supporting tokenization and wallet application services, MeaWallet is a centre of excellence, with deep industry knowledge and experience within the fields of contactless payment, access, and cloud-based and mobile security. For more information, please visit.