Acculynk, Making online shopping Safe for 100 Mn+ Cardholders with PaySecure

Acculynk was founded in 1999 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The management team includes Ashish Bahl (CEO), Nandan Sheth (COO) Judi Vitale (CFO) Sandra Chesnutt (Sr V.P, Marketing), Collin Flotta(Sr V.P, Operations). The company currently has a 100 Mn cardholder base within the internet PIN debit network, 7000 debit card issuers and 3000+ online merchants.

In a recent survey by TechRepublic, 79% customers said they would like to shop more online if provided with simpler and secure payment options.

This is market that ACCULynk, the first company to offer an authentication service for internet PIN based debit payments, seeks to target, with its patented technology of PaySecure.

This is a video that shows you how Paysecure works:

Some features of their platform:

  • Acculynk’s PaySecure is enabled for mobile and touch screen devicese based on the iOS, Android and Blackberry.
  • One of the main features that helps PaySecure keep the data safe is the feature of Scramble. Scramble randomizes the way the PIN pad is displayed after every key press. This helps it against key locker softwares and malware that track key presses.
  • Also the PIN collected is not stored by the merchant or the device. PaySecure records and encrypts the coordinates of each click.
  • Another way that PaySecure delivers convenience is that the user does not have to leave the merchant page as PaySecure’s PIN pad is embedded in the merchants page itself.

In 2013, ACCULynk launched a suite of developer tools and SDKs and unveiled a simplified pricing structure for PaySecure. The new developer tools enable simple integration of PayLeap into mobile apps and e-commerce sites and that PayLeap is the only processing platform that enables Internet PIN debit. The overhauled pricing offers 1.89 percent plus $.29 per transaction for PIN debit transactions and 2.89 percent plus $.29 per transaction for all other types of transaction.

In 2012, ACCULynk acquired PayLeap (later changed to ACCULynk Direct) to get small and medium sized merchants use its service. Warsaw, Ind.-based PayLeap currently serves 4,000 small to midsize online merchants. On 28th March, 2013 ACCULynk also announced an agreement with China UnionPay to enable UnionPay's 3B cardholders at US merchants.

Acculynk, provider of PaySecure® PIN authentication for online debit transactions and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) announced that Acculynk will be the premiere provider of authentication for all online RuPay debit card transactions.