After UPI, Another Indian Tech Platform for Public Good Makes a Killing

India’s DigiLocker has digitized over 430 million insurance policies within four years since its inception in 2016. To put things in perspective, consider these figures: the estimated number of in-force life insurance policies in India stands over 331 million, and the general insurance segment creates over 170 million new policies every year (IRDAI, 2017–18). In the ongoing digitization efforts for the public good, India’s largest general insurance company New India Assurance alone has digitized over 386.1 million policies on DigiLocker. If this doesn’t sound like a massive achievement, consider the fact that DigiLocker platform has issued 1.2 billion eAadhaar certificates for citizens, and the Income Tax Department has provided PAN verification records to 365 million citizens via DigiLocker. These numbers indicate a mammoth digitization drive that only matches a massive success story on UPI. This ini ...

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