AI and Communication: Machines That Can 'Hear' and 'Understand' Voices

Machine learning is one of the most important and powerful types of AI. Blind straight algorithms can never be as beneficial for businesses and the society as the ones that can learn and adapt to inputs and trends.

The data generated every day is so massive that no imaginable manpower can comprehend it and turn into valuable and applicable insights without the help of smart machines. To give an idea, IDC estimated that the digital universe is doubling its size yearly and would reach 44 ZB in 2020 from 4.4 ZB of data generated in 2013. It also forecasted that the big data technology and services market will grow at a 26.4% compound annual growth rate to $41.5 billion through 2018, or about six times the growth rate of the overall information technology market. The ability to draw insights and the ability to optimally monetize available data would place companies in a unique position challenging established rules and processes. ...

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