AI Is Not the Future, It's the Present

With all the fascination around artificial intelligence (AI) as an immense part of the future, there is an underestimation of how firmly AI is rooted in the present already. Bright entrepreneurs have brought AI to agriculture, the oil and gas industry, radiology, financial technology, security and more. In fact, the largest and most successful companies in the world strongly believe in AI and invest substantial time and resources to harvest its potential.

But the future that bold minds are dreaming about is already here. Let’s look at some inevitable parts of one’s everyday life to demonstrate that.

Our smartphones have brains

iPhones, which are among the top-selling smartphones in the world, have long been powered by a built-in intelligent assistant called Siri. In 2014, Siri had a brain transplant. Late July, Apple quietly moved Siri's voice recognition to a neural-net based system for US users and did the same world ...

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