AIRTAG Collaborates with PayPal for an Improvised KFC Fast Track Experience

Earlier this year, KFC UK & Ireland in collaboration with AIRTAG (provider of mobile shopping solutions) had launched the KFC Fast Track Mobile Wallet that allowed users to pay for their meals before arriving at the restaurant. On December 3rd 2013, AIRTAG announced that it had partnered with PayPal to make the transaction process quicker and even more efficient.

Airtag was founded in 2006 by two co-founders of Haïku / Index Europe. The company received a funding of $2.718 Mn (€2 Mn) through leading European venture capital investor Seventure Partners in 2007.

Some of the new features that Airtag’s integration with PayPal brings to KFC customers:

  • Users can create a Fast Track account using their existing PayPal account details by simply entering their username and password.
  • Entering personal/bank/card details is not required. This is because the information is stored securely within their PayPal account and works like any other PayPal transaction.
  • PayPal users have a streamlined check-out experience from the very first order. They do not have to provide their financial details to a third party.

With the majority of mobile and online commerce traffic being lost during login and check-out processes, we are very excited to work with PayPal to provide KFC customers with faster alternatives that streamline the customer experience, stated Jérémie Leroyer CEO, AIRTAG. We are already seeing the majority of Fast Track orders being placed by mobile phone, and these new features will make it even more convenient for those on the go costumers to create an account, order and pay in the quickest way possible he added.

Airtag’s AIRSHOP white label mobile wallet solution was utilized by KFC UK & Ireland to launch Fast Track. The solution allows consumers to order their food in advance. They can use the geolocated mobile check-in feature to notify the staff when they are ready to pick up their food. Fast Track orders are prepared in priority, hence Fast Track consumers can skip the line to pick up their order.

'This collaboration is another step on the journey towards a wallet-less high street, where customers will be able to leave their wallet or purse at home and pay using their smartphone or tablet. Our research shows that a third of people would choose their smartphone over their wallet when leaving home - while 80% wish they could leave their wallet at home,' said Rob Harper, PayPal UK’s Head of Retail Services. 'We predict that by 2016 you won't need your wallet to pay on the UK high street - your smartphone will be enough he added. Fast Track is available now in Basingstoke, Woking, Slough and Southampton.

KFC UK, Inc. is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. The company which is based in Louisville, Kentucky also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants. Yum! is ranked #213 on Fortune 500 list with revenues over $13 Bn in 2012.

Airtag also recently integrated their Airshop solution with PayPal for McDonald's mobile ordering payment service, GoMcDo.

With this solution:

  • Consumers can order food and pay via mobile app on their smartphone before getting to a McDonald’s outlet. The payments are processed by PayPal.
  • Once in store, a consumer completes the transaction by scanning his phone on the unattended Check-In Kiosk.
  • Once the check-in has been made, GoMcDO service users orders are processed in priority.
  • The solution is currently in trial at over 50 McDonald's restaurants in France.