All the 9 Payment Enabling Technologies & 22 Illustrative Companies

At Lets Talk Payments, we keep analyzing all the data, payment news and insights we are generating to see if we can understand some broader trends. Here is an attempt to look at almost two dozen startups and companies we have profiled in the past. We are looking at them from the viewpoint of understanding various enabling technologies that they are using in their solutions - NFC, QR codes, SMS/USSD, RFID, Sound Wave, Bluetooth BLE, and others. We have tried to cover mostly providers or payment companies but in some cases the merchants or implementers (such as Starbucks) could not be ignored. Starting with the 30,000 ft view first, followed by a drill down to companies wherein each picture is clickable and takes you to that company profile. Below is a chart that puts all the payment enabling technologies and all the companies together at one place.

Chart showing selected payment start-ups, Year Founded, Total Funding till date and Enabling Technology:

Source: Lets Talk Payments

Lets discuss the payment enabling technologies being used by various companies in the payments space:

1) Near Field Communication (NFC): NFC is in its most common avatar is a Tap & Pay solution that can be used for retail offline payments, transit, entertainment and numerous other touch points. Any unattended payment situation such as a parking lot presents huge opportunity. For e.g., clipper card or any cashless cards being used today for public transport can be integrated into the ubiquitous phones itself thereby making the public transport payments easier. Below w ...

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