Its amazing how far Ecommerce companies have come - Accepting Payments!

I have been observing a trend in the journey of some leading Ecommerce companies w.r.t, accepting payment. It goes something like this – an Ecommerce company starts accepting card payments using a third party payment gateway provider. In the beginning, when the numbers are low, it seems to be the structure of choice with least amount of hassle. As the business grows, it reaches a phase where you try to build your own payment gateway (end to end). The way Amazon did in US and Flipkart, Snapdeal (recently) did in India.

Whats most interesting is that there is a next stage as well. It comes when you have spent enough time and developed expertise to perfect your payment solution. Where the Ecommerce firm becomes so good in handling payments that it starts offering it as a platform based service to other merchants. E.g., Amazon Payments allows its users (merchants) to receive money using its API (and to send money out via ACH). Popular cr ...

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