Its amazing how Google has tried doing so much in Payments, will they get some tailwind finally?

Never Settling, Experimentative Google drawing big in payments space

Google has taken several steps into the Money and Commerce space during the past several years, with its Google Wallet app serving as the main vehicle. Recently, Google unveiled a new version of the mobile payments app that completes itself with a new user interface. Google has done some lesser known acquisitions in the past such as:

  • In July, 2011 Google acquired Punchd (a digital loyalty card startup) for $10mto tie it with Google Wallet.With the Punchd acquisition, Google is looking to solve the customer adoption problem of mobile wallet technology.
  • In April 2012 Google acquired TxVia, a mobile payments technology company, to complement Google Wallet’s core offering, by adding additional features and the ability to scale up rapidly. TxVia had relationships with all the major payment networks, and in all, it manages some 100m accounts.

Payment services offered by Google and other related dynamics

  • Google Checkout (June 2006)
  • Google Wallet (May 2011)
  • NFC Payment Card ( ...
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