Amazing things can happen with Mobile In-location tools to Engage Customers, says CEO of Tapcentive

The following is an exclusive Q&A session with Dave Wentker, CEO of Tapcentive.

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices and smartphones to search for products, find locations and shop. In fact, some 124.8 million US consumers, or 63% of digital shoppers, will shop on a smartphone this year. What challenges does that pose for the retail industry, especially those with physical locations and stores?

Retailers are faced with countless challenges as it relates to the mass appeal and usage of smart phones and their associated technologies. In our discussions with retailers, the most common concerns and challenges that we hear are mobile disintermediation, achieving omni-channel success; and mobile device and technology diversification including mobile redemption. As a merchant, the hardest choice you can be faced with is picking one technology solution that overcomes these threats and complexities while appealing to your customers.

What opportunities do consumers’ mobile behaviors present for businesses with physical locations to engage with mobile-equipped consumers?

Amazing things can happen when you use mobile in-location as a tool to engage your customers with incentives, loyalty program tie-ins, and interactive experiences. Everyone understands the main benefits of in-location mobile marketing, but proper execution of engagement strategies is the key to achieving the right results.. There is a delicate balance between consumer preferences and mobile engagement that needs to b ...

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