Amazon to Bring Apple Pay Support for its Visa Rewards Cards

Amazon recently confirmed that it will add support for Apple Pay. Post Apple Pay launch, Amazon customers were not able to add their Amazon Rewards Visa cards to their digital wallet, despite the fact that these cards were associated with Chase, one of Apple’s partners. An Amazon spokesperson broke the news to GeekWire that it will bring Apple Pay support for Rewards Visa card.

The above tweet clearly hints that Amazon Visa Rewards card was the only consumer card that wasn’t included in the list of Chase products that support Apple Pay. Chase’s reward cards from AARP, Disney and British Airways already support Apple Pay. There are still some card types that do not yet support Apple Pay, as per the following illustration from an Apple Support page.

Because of the variety of items available on, its rewards cards are quite popular. These cards offer 3% back on purchases and 2% on purchases at gas stations, restaurants & drug stores.

Update: the announcement was made earlier this week but as of today, you can add Amazon reward cards to your passbook app. While adding the Amazon rewards card into Apple Pay, users would be required to validate the card with Chase through an additional confirmation code.

Here is an illustration of Amazon reward card loaded into Apple Pay: