Amazon Joins the Mobile Wallet Race with the Introduction of a Virtual Wallet

Amazon has silently joined the mobile wallet race with the introduction of the Amazon Wallet on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The wallet does not feature any mobile payment options or credit/debit-card storage. It is a fairly downsized mobile wallet that enables users to store and organize their loyalty cards, gift cards and other store cards.

For select merchants, users can check their gift-card balances. For mobile users, the Amazon Wallet app is in beta testing, and it ships preinstalled on the new Fire phones. Amazon Wallets are connected to Amazon’s digital-wallet microsite, which lists the credit and debit cards that users have attached to their Amazon account in addition to any gift, loyalty or membership cards.

  • The Amazon Wallet’s release date is listed as 17th July 2014 on the Amazon AppStore.
  • Amazon says its Wallet app can be used to simplify a user’s shopping trips.
  • The wallet makes it unlikely that the user will lose a gift card or rewards membership number.
  • Users must scan or type in their gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. This reduces the clutter in the user’s wallet or purse.
  • The information required by the user to access his wallet is easily available as a bar code, QR code, text or image.
  • Information saved in a user’s Amazon Wallet is stored securely in the Amazon cloud.

In addition, your Amazon Wallet cards can be viewed and edited at, where you will also find the credit cards, bank accounts, and other payment methods saved in your Amazon account, Amazon states.