Amazon taking slow, definitive steps towards a 10 times bigger opportunity than Ecommerce

While e-commerce is on the rise and there is no shortage of Tech Press coverage about it being a $1.5 trillion industry in 2014, that number remains but a fraction of the staggering $15 trillion global commerce figure—and Amazon knows it. If you know anything about the retail giant, you know they’re not content to be a big fish in a small pond. That is why they have been making several steps to enter, and possibly dominate brick and mortar as they have with e-commerce.

What do they have currently? Not much as they have no real experience in physical retailing and retailers might not be willing to collaborate and do business with them as they see Amazon as a big competitor. But what Amazon does have is credit card information of more than 230m users, exceeding PayPal's 143m.

When Amazon started 20 years ago, the world of commerce was irrevo ...

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