Amsterdam Based Eaze Lets you Nod To Pay with Bitcoins via Google Glass

The Google Glass is yet to reach the mainstream market, but it has already created a certain buzz. Developers are rushing to create various apps including payment services. On 16th May 2014, at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam, a new app designed for Google Glass – Eaze – released the public beta of their app. This enables Bitcoin users to purchase goods and service with a nod of their head.

Described as a wearable computer, Google Glass is fitted with an optical display facing the user’s eyeball. The slick, sic-fi like headset has a built in microphone and is GPS capable. The functionality of the Eaze app with regards to completion of a transaction however, requires a number of steps. Nod to Pay can be set up by just linking either Coinbase wallet or a Blockchain via scanning of an associated QR code.

  • Users must first scan a QR code to connect their Bitcoin wallets.
  • Thereafter, they voice the command OK, Glass, to make a payment.
  • The Google Glass then scans the QR code from a POS application and the payment details are shown, on the user’s Glass screen.
  • To complete the transaction, users must nod twice.
  • Eaze says a future update to the app will add the ability to set a spending limit that can't be changed without a PIN.

We are proud to be the first to bring a global payment solution to Google Glass. After our announcement of Nod To Pay in February we worked hard to make our product available to the public,' said Rutger van Zuidam, Co-Founder of Eaze, in a press release. 'With the integration of Coinbase and we have also answered to the request of the market by building not yet another wallet but by making existing wallets available on Glass.'

Beginning with Google Glass, Amsterdam based startup Eaze, seeks to integrate the app with other wearables in the future such as Smartwatches and even Rings. EAZE is free for now.