An Amazing Infographic which Hints at the Future Growth of Mobile Payments

The SIMalliance group has come up with new insights on the SIM market. The new research also focuses on NFC-enabled SIM cards which are key to the future of NFC based mobile payments.

Here are some notable facts that have emerged:

> In the North American region, advances in secure element (SE) based NFC deployments, including successful initiatives in Canada, resulted in NFC-enabled SIM volumes rising by 92%.

> Globally, the growth trend for NFC-enabled SIM shipments, which has now been evident over the past four years, continued throughout 2014, as units soared by 69% from 78 million in 2013 to 132 million units.

> For the first time, North America outperformed Japan/Korea and became the strongest NFC SIM market in 2014, with shipments jumping 92% to 46 million.

> Demand for NFC SIMs surged in Europe; units shipped rose by 85% to 26 million.

> Berg Insight estimates place the number of NFC-ready Point of Sale (POS) terminals that were shipped last year at 9.5 million.

Here is the infographic with in-depth insights from the research: