An App-supported Mobile Security Solution Created to Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

Los Angeles-based Ping Mobile 2 Credit is an app-supported mobile security solution created and developed to combat the alarming amount of massive personal data breaches and identity theft faced by all Americans today. Its technology works on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones. The solution can work as a stand-alone mobile app or as an integral component of an existing POS software platform and/or any retailers reward program platform.

It is a bold move for the industry; it is a change of focus on how we can effectively prevent fraudulent charges. One of PM2C’s uniqueness is its universality. It works with all credit/debit cards from various banks, various payment systems, processors and payment schemes. The app is also compatible with Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV), near field communication and mobile wallet technologies. Users can manage and monitor all their payment cards in ONE PLACE!!! There is no need to download different apps or go to different websites to opt-in and opt-out features scattered among various cards and issuing banks.

What Ping Mobile 2 Credit (PM2C) aims to achieve is to give end consumers the real-time control to determine whether a transaction using their identities is legitimate, prior to the transaction is finalized, or in another words, before the receipt is even printed.

PM2C’s patented technology allows its app to transmit a phone's location to the applicable systems of the brick-and-mortar retailer and its acquiring bank. The phone initially picks up a signal from a store's PM2C’s router which in turn identifies the location of the phone; and then sends the location information to PM2C server. As a user approaches the checkout lane, series of mobile pings notify the acquirer through PM2C server. Location pings transmitted through secure cellular networks that operate apart from the POS transaction process will not be subject to current POS data breach schemes. This independent, parallel process is PM2C principal differentiator. Additionally, the application's customizable controls and pre-set purchase parameters can help to prevent the occurrence of fraudulent mobile payment transactions.

Furthermore, PM2C app includes phone number lookup, text message confirmation and cellular tower triangulation capabilities. It has also recently developed the simplest and effective solution for Card–Not–Present situations to provide a full spectrum protection for the greater payments ecosystem. These combined technologies are designed to work together to reduce chargebacks and protect payment industry stakeholders from lost revenue, data breaches and other liabilities associated with payment card fraud.

It is PM2C’s mission to empower the general public at the front end of the transactions to protect themselves from security data breaches and identity theft. With PM2C being the gatekeeper of the payment cycle, the entire payment industry and retailers will also undeniably benefit from this shift of direction.

About Ping Mobile 2 Credit

Los Angeles-based Ping Mobile 2 Credit is an app-supported mobile security solution created and developed to provide real-time payment cardholders authentication via smartphones. It’s mission is to empower and arm the general public with an innovative and simple tool in combating identity theft.