An International Billion-Dollar FinTech Club

A few years ago, when the word ‘unicorn’ in FinTech wasn’t such an overused term, we would still be referring to the set of companies in this article as FinTech unicorns. Fortunately, or not, it appears that the number of billion-dollar FinTech companies has risen so significantly, that it doesn’t create that ‘wow’ effect anymore. Billion-dollar valuations are not so rare in 2016, so this time let’s just call it a billion-dollar FinTech club.

There are 16 privately-held FinTech companies internationally in that billion-dollar club, according to WSJ, and most likely, we will see more companies getting a membership in the coming years.

China Rapid Finance is the largest mobile lender in China and features one of the most extensive multi-channel, offline and online lending platforms in the country. With more than 4,000 employees and branch offices spanning 70 cities,China Rapid Finance has a proven track record in credit risk management,and a tradition of transparency and regulatory compliance. < /p>

Funding Circle is one of the world’s leading online marketplace lenders exclusively focused on small business. It was created with an idea to revolutionize the antiquated banking system and secure a better deal for everyone.

Kabbage, headquartered in Atlanta, has pioneered the first financial services data and technology platform to provide fully automated funding to small businesses in minutes. Kabbage leverages data generated through business activity such as accounting data, online sales, shipping and dozens of other sources to understand performance and deliver fast, flexible funding in real time. Through its Karrot brand, Kabbage offers simple consumer loans through its automated platform.

Klarna provides e-commerce payment solutions for merchants and shoppers. Klarna separates buying from paying by allowing buyers to pay for ordered goods after receiving them, providing them with a safe after delivery payment solution.

Lakala provides offline third party payment solutions for the convenience consumer financial service industry in China.

Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, allowing people to invest in each other in a financially and socially beneficial way.

Paytm, One97 Communication’s flagship brand, is India's largest digital goods and mobile commerce platform. Paytm is also a leading payment solutions provider to ecommerce merchants using its RBI approved semi-closed wallet. Headquartered in New Delhi, One97 is backed by marquee investors like Alibaba Group, Ant Financial (AliPay), SAIF Partners, Sapphire Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. One97 also invests in early stage mobile companies through the One97 Mobility Fund (OMF).

Avant is a fast-growing marketplace lending platform that is lowering the costs and barriers of borrowing for consumers. Through the use of big data and machine-learning algorithms, the company offers a unique and highly customized approach to streamlined credit options. At its core, Avant is a tech company that is dedicated to creating innovative and practical financial products for all consumers.

Adyen is a technology company that provides businesses with a single solution to accept payments anywhere in the world. The only provider of a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting merchants directly to Visa, MasterCard, and 250 other payment methods globally, Adyen delivers frictionless payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels. Adyen serves more than 4,500 businesses, including 7 of the 10 largest U.S. Internet companies. Customers include Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, Evernote,, Yelp, Vodafone, Superdry, Mango, Crocs, O’Neill, SoundCloud, KLM and JustFab.

Mozido is a cloud platform based mobile payments and retail engagement solutions provider. Mozido’s mobile payments platform includes mobile financial services, loyalty programs, and mobile offers for business and retail. Through its white-label, cloud-based platform MoTEAF, Mozido serves people around the world who choose to manage their money using their mobile phone rather than relying on traditional financial institutions.

Powa Technologies is an international commerce specialist focusing on technologies to transform and redefine the retail market. PowaTag transforms consumer shopping behaviour by eliminating the wait between impulse and purchase, online or offline.

Credit Karma develops tools and maintains information resources that help users manage the credit aspect of their financial health. It helps 40+ million consumers track, maintain and improve credit health with valuable, free tools and information.

SoFi helps graduates of top-tier universities refinance student loans. The company is focusing on student loans, mortgages and personal loans.

Stripe provides a set of API's that enables businesses and individuals to accept payments over the internet (thus enabling eCommerce). Stripe currently powers businesses in 24 countries.

ZhongAn is a Chinese Internet-based insurance company leveraging big data to help insurers with the needs of data mining and product design, automatic underwriting, auto claims, precision marketing and risk management.

Lufax is the largest online P2P marketplace in China that connects borrowers and investors. Borrowers obtain fast and convenient access to credit which is not available from traditional financing channels. Investors obtain access to an asset class that has historically been closed to individual investors.