An Interview with the Founder of Blockchain Company Otonomos

Among the various use cases of blockchain, Otonomos—a brainchild of FinTech entrepreneur Han Verstraete—is looking at building a blockchain-chartered company. With Otonomos, you can incorporate your company by simply opening a digital share wallet on the blockchain. Once opened, you can transfer shares peer-to-peer, e.g. to investors, or even to create a market in your equity. And by virtue of the shares being smart pieces of code, Otonomos helps you automate a multitude of governance-related operations, for instance boardroom voting or capital increases. Otonomos was one of the 10 companies selected to participate in Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore 2015.

In the first part of his career, Han worked with Goldman Sachs in London as an investment advisor. In 2001 he started his first venture by co-founding Marquis Jet Europe, which in 2004 was sold to Warren Buffett’s NetJets. He subsequently started YachtPlus, a provider of shared ownership in a fleet of Italian-built luxury yachts, Han got über-architect Norman Foster to design. Han used the time since his last exit in 2008 to get into the bitcoin and crypto-movement, which resulted in his idea for Otonomos.

We had the opportunity to interview Han to provide his vision for Otonomos, his views on

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