An NFC Tap gets you a smoothie, an initiative to promote NFC by ISIS and Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice and ISIS have come up with a very cool initiative. It promotes NFC based ISIS as well as Jamba juice by giving away, up to one million smoothies. The announcement of giving away smoothies was made public yesterday.

ISIS was established as a partnership between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless which together have over 200 Mn phone subscribers. The company has partnered with Chase and American Express. ISIS claims that one day, consumers will have access to 24 of top 100 retailers at around 1.3 Mn locations across the world.

ISIS states that the first million users who will use ISIS mobile wallet will get a free smoothie from Jamba Juice. To get the smoothie, a user first needs to have the new ISIS mobile wallet app and use a smart phone to pay at any of the terminals of Jamba Juice outlets that are NFC enabled. ISIS mobile wallet app is set to be launched soon. You can read more about the launch plan of ISIS mobile wallet app here. We are seeing everywhere retailers/merchants and payment companies coming together Square and Starbucks.

Speaking about why ISIS chose to give away free smoothies, Jim Stapleton, Chief Sales Officer for ISIS in a joint interview with James White, CEO of Jamba Juice said 'If you think about the frequency with which consumers go into Jamba, it's a great way to habituate a new behavior [i.e. making payments through ISIS on an NFC enabled platform].' White further adds that '[it] delivers significant consumer value and will spur rapid adoption of the mobile wallet.'

Jamba Juice has plans to roll out NFC enabled payment terminals across USA. The terminals will be equipped with a proprietary technology called SmartTap technology owned by ISIS.

LTP View: Its a yummy offer for sure. One that will see a million smoothies being taken away by happy customers. The real win for ISIS would not be about losing these promotional smoothies. It would be a winner if the customers don't even realize that they are doing something 'out-of-the-way' to get the offer. In my opinion, the best payment system is the one which works in the background, seamlessly. And it works all the time and works everywhere. Can ISIS do that?