Andreessen Horowitz backed Belly, reinvents customer loyalty rewards through gamification and digital check-ins

A month back in SFO, I went to an Indian restaurant downtown called (I think) Cafe Masala. I saw a cute little Belly Card on the payment counter along with an ipad POS. I am not sure how the restaurant pushes or markets it to its customers but the guy at the counter did explain me how it works on asking. I was reading on a blog that most restaurants in downtown SFO are being approached by loyalty and payments start ups every now and then and it requires to have a clear, strong USP to get in. Belly marketing folks call it ' World's Best Loyalty Program '. That we will let the consumers to decide but we wanted to have a look at this system in a tad more detail.

Since location-based deals first appeared on the horizon, a new wave of e-commerce companies have been making a play for small business’s operation. The likes of Groupon and LivingSocial (and the endless amount of clones) have been leveraging th ...

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