Android Pay Rollout 101: What Businesses Need to Know About the Latest Ways to Pay

The mobile payments world officially has a new player. Google announced the initial rollout of Android Pay on September 10, with more stores, banks and features being added soon (like loyalty, offers and in-app payments). You may have a lot of questions about accepting Android Pay transactions, what this means for Apple Pay and why mobile payments are catching on so fast. To make sure we provide all the answers you need, we’ve rounded up our best resources to explain the increase of tap-to-pay options.

One thing is for certain: the number of terminals accepting Apple Pay more than tripled from February to March of 2015, and Android supports 93 percent of all NFC-equipped smartphones, so you’re going to want to read up on the topic and be prepared for an increase in phone-toting customers at the checkout.

Catch Me Up on Android Pay, Please

Starting on September 10, Android users who already had Google Wallet on their phones are already able to install an update and access Android Pay. For those without Google Wallet, the Google Play store will have Android Pay available to download in a matter of days. To learn more, here are three posts that’ll give you the details you’re looking for:

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What Does This Mean for Apple Pay?

With a new tap-to-pay player in town, both Android and Apple users will now be able to make payments with their phones. While Android has more smartphone market share, both of these platforms are already having a big impact on the way we view payments. The biggest takeaway isn’t whether one or the other will succeed, but just how important it is for retailers to start accepting these NFC-based payment methods (more on that in a minute). Here’s a throwback to this time last year, with some posts about Apple Pay:

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And Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay, which is expected to launch later in September, works differently than Apple Pay and Android Pay. You can read everything we know so far about the payment platform here.

It’s Time I Start Accepting Mobile Payments, Isn’t It?

The short answer is yes. We wouldn’t want you to go it alone, though. Here are some posts that’ll prepare both you and your customers for the transition to mobile payments:

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