Announcing the First LTP9 Leaderboards: Companies Leading the Way in Fraud and Authentication

Let’s Talk Payments is excited to publish the first ever leaderboard analysis of one of the most crucial elements of the payments industry - Fraud and Authentication. Considering the high degree of competition and the continuous innovation in this space, we have developed two separate LTP9 leaderboards for this category:

  • LTP9 for Fraud and Authentication in Online Payments (CNP) and
  • LTP9 for Fraud and Authentication in Proximity (In-store) Payments.

Each of these leaderboards represents the most promising 9 companies in the category.

Extensive research, including detailed company profiling and regular interactions with industry stakeholders, has helped us in developing key insights which are backed by data. The identification of these leaderboards has followed a rigorous methodology of building a comprehensive list of all companies in the space and analyzing them on a scorecard with 15+ subjective and objective parameters to arrive at quantified assessment for each one of them. These parameters are further clubbed under 3 main heads: Impact, Momentum & Focus. Continuous brainstorming and exhaustive research have been instrumental in developing these scorecards to help capture all aspects of this category – both at an industry and a company level. Our own coverage of the space over the past year+, coupled with first-hand industry experience, has been a valuable source of inputs in determining the LTP9 selection. [Read more about the selection framework here]

Not limiting ourselves to publicly available information, but rather taking the further step of listening directly to industry leaders is what drives the authenticity of the LTP9 framework. One very important aspect of LTP9 companies is their core competency in the category under consideration. This will help our readers to obtain a clear understanding of the product positioning of each company amidst a plethora of exciting companies in this space.

We have also developed LTP Canvas Reports to augment this effort. The LTP Canvas Report includes the raw data, insights and understanding for the companies in the specific segment. It also talks about the process through which the companies have been given their respective ratings, as per the framework, to arrive at LTP9. These ...

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