Announcing the Second LTP9 Leaderboard: Companies Leading the Way in International Remittance

After successfully releasing the first ever leaderboard analysis on the Fraud and Authentication segment of the payment industry, Let’s Talk Payments announces its second LTP9 leaderboard analysis on another important and attractive category in the payments domain – INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE.

The remittance industry is experiencing fast growth and ongoing attention from a number of startups and investors, bringing along technological and product innovation to address the increasing demand in this important market. Multiple startups have ben launched and some have had significant growth even in this mature segment. This highlights the huge potential in a segment which includes the presence of established companies with decades long operations. Hence, research and analysis of this segment holds an important place in the payments industry. It will help to understand the changing dynamics of the remittance market which is majorly driven by continual growth in global migration.

We have followed our approach of extensive primary & secondary research and identified 125+ companies operating in the international remittance segment. After performing detailed analyses for each of these companies, they were scored on 15+ subjective and objective ...

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