Announcing the Top 9 US Companies in P2P Payments (LTP9 Leaderboard 2015)

After receiving great feedback for our last LTP9 report on the biometric authentication in the payments industry, we couldn’t wait to release the LTP9 report for P2P payments (person-to-person payments). The reason we chose P2P payments is because of the significant increase in the volume of P2P payments reported by leading players like Venmo, recent efforts put by top US banks and financial sector giants like FIS in the industry to execute real-time payments, and partnerships, mergers & acquisitions seen in the segment in the past couple of years. Financial institutions including banks are broadening their range of services on the way to becoming leaders in the FinTech industry while tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple are entering the space. However, this leaderboard will give you an overview of the existing players in P2P payments and how well each of them is performing.

P2P payment, also known as person-to-person payment or peer-to-peer payment, has been a hot topic in the FinTech industry since the past five years. After an in-depth primary and secondary research of nearly 29 companies that included startups like Venmo, early players like Western Union and financial services providers, we shortlisted the top 15 companies in the market on the basis of numerous elements like market potential, past and present performance, popularity amongst different target segments and other quantitative and qualitative assessments necessary in the payments industry.

We further continued with a comprehensive and careful analysis to create our LTP9 leader dashboard for the top nine P2P companies in the industry. This filtration of nine companies from 15 was based on the three parameters put together by our in-house industry experts. These ...

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