Announcing the Winners of Bangalore Payments Hackathon 2014

Money is an integral part of our everyday life as it enables commerce and touches everything we do. Even after all the advancements in technology and automation, majority of transactions in India happen in cash (97%+). So when we decided to do a payments hackathon, so many entrepreneurs and payments companies joined hands with us to make it happen. We had an amazing 30 hours of intense coding, presentations and were able to decide the winner of the first payment hackathon in the country (#paymentsHack on twitter).

The Hackathon officially began with a kick-off talk by Amit Goel (Co-Founder, Let's Talk Payments and The Money Event). He spoke about issues in the Payments Industry, especially in India, and the reason organizers decided to do a Payments Centered Hackathon. He said 'The issues in the payments industry are not yet solved. These problems sit at the intersection of Commerce, Banking and Technology and require lot of innovative thinking to overcome barriers in P2P and proximity payments to name a few'.

Let’s Talk Payments, in partnership with The Money Event, Zwitch (provided APIs), and Prestige SN team (Veerendra, Arun, Vi ...

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