Another First From LTP, Staying True to Our Two Core Principles [Blockchain Workshop]

Since we first launched LTP in August 2013, we have followed very few rules, and only 2 core guiding principles for the content we offer the industry: we publish only what we understand and love ourselves, and we make everything we publish easy for others to consume and understand. That’s it. It’s simple.

We have an exciting series of announcements lined up for the Spring of 2016, and each of those will be in line with our core principles. Usually, we don’t make a big deal of our new products and services; we just roll them out and let our community appreciate the value (or not). We announced one such product earlier this week, and the response has been tremendous: a new Digital Workshop on Blockchain for Banking. While many of you have already signed up to learn about this new technology, some of you might have missed it because we just scheduled it with very little fanfare.

Regardless of whether you are able to participate in the workshop or not, here’s why did we decided to offer this in the first place: the 2 core principles: (1) we understand blockchain, so not only have we devoted an endless number of articles to the topic, but we were in fact the very first to write a report on the topic. In fact, we wrote a second mega report on the topic last month which has received rave reviews.

So why a workshop on the topic now? Because (2) we want to make sure you are able to understand blockchain and appreciate its nuances for banking applications.

Traditional consultants make things appear more complex. We at LTP make things simpler to understand. This new digital workshop on blockchain applications in banking does exactly that.

It’s about time we demystified blockchain for banking, and LTP is excited to be at the forefront of this initiative.

(The following is a post we recently published on LinkedIn.)

How many of you remember Lotus 1-2-3? (I am too young to remember VisiCalc, so let's not get started on that...:) If you are much younger than me, perhaps you remember the first time you used any spreadsheet, Excel or even Google Sheets? There's something special about being able to organize information - I think it's a very innate human need.

For many of us in business, we take the spreadsheet for granted today; we cannot imagine being able to do anything productive without one or some derivative of it, usually now in more dimensions than those allowed by a piece of paper. We went from spreadsheets to databases to "big data"bases to databases in the "cloud"...all in the span of several decades. We also now take for granted that people can collaborate on documents in the cloud, which of course was not always the case. We clearly learnt a few tricks along the way.

Sometimes we received formal training on how to use these "productivity tools" and sometimes we made of fun of people who needed to refer to the users' manual when using a new piece of software. Regardless, there has always been something new to learn when it comes to organizing and managing data more effectively and efficiently.

It started with spreadsheets, that evolved into more sophisticated, secure, performant and collaborative data organization tools over time. Blockchain is the next chapter in this evolution - it can't be much different!

There, I said it!

May be that sounds too simplistic and there will be those who might not want to make Blockchain sound so boring, but it's time we started demystifying this shiny new thing that has suddenly become the new buzzword to impress your boss with (or impress your team with, depending on the situation)...especially if you are in the world of banking where you deal with someone else's data with lots of compliance requirements and a complicated patchwork of bandaged technologies with a healthy mix of disparate resources, it can feel onerous to even think about looking into adopting something that seems laced with intrigue.

To add to it, the fact that blockchain technology is at the heart of the even more "renegade" bitcoin movement makes it even less appetizing to embrace blockchain in a straitjacket banking environment.

So, we decided to take this challenge head on!

#FinTech content at its best!

LTP has designed a crisp workshop, specifically to address the blockchain-enabled applications in banking. The first session is scheduled for March 16th, and seats are filling up fast. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Be among the very first to benefit from this targeted session, delivered by LTP, independently and authentically, without external sponsorship from any entity.

I am looking forward to this workshop to learn about Blockchain myself!

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