Another Gaming Gaint Jumps on the Bitwagon, SuperRewards Lets you Buy via Bitcoin

I have discussed many a time how Bitcoins could change the face of gambling and gaming Industries completely. Another colossal move that supports this statement comes in the form of SuperRewards – On 31st March 2014, the social and mobile game monetization giant announced that would begin enabling users to buy in-game items and virtual currencies via Bitcoin.

SuperRewards was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco. The company was acquired by Playerize, Inc. in 2012 and now operates as a fast-moving startup building the next generation for growth and monetization tools for app and game developers. Playerize has received a total of $2.5 Mn through investors including Rho Ventures and Real Ventures says Coinbase.

You can see big names such as gPotato, Aeria Games, Gaia Online and not in the very least – Sonly Entertainment online – count among establishments that utilize Playerize i.e SuperRewards. The addition of Bitcoin to this network or system could offer a huge boost to the cryptocurrency and impact the gaming industry itself in a huge way.

Imagine this – a virtual Bitcoin ATM in every single Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in the world, thus connecting all online gamers via a currency network that could be utilized for a vast array of purposes such as - Online Casinos running solely on Bitcoin, trade of virtual items and goods between games and even entire transfer of value from one MMORPG to another! The implications are enormous to say the least.

We feel that it’s a natural fit for someone that wants to buy virtual currency to use a digital currency. We’ve had a bunch of emails in our support queue asking when we were going to accept bitcoin. It’s something we want to be ahead of the curve on, Lyal Avery, Co-Founder of SuperRewards told Coindesk. What I do see as being really interesting is the intersection between the mid-core and hardcore gaming market and how fast they’re adopting bitcoins.

I had recently written about beginning to accept Bitcoins as a method of payment for in-game items, bonuses, etc. Zynga’s adoption of Bitcoin really comes as no surprise. The virtual currency has been making waves in the Gaming and Gambling Industries with more and more merchants beginning to get onto the BitWagon. Zynga is backed by investors such as Founders Fund and Chinese Billionaire, Li Ka Shing who recently made news with his investment in Bitpay.

Some features of SuperRewards:

  • High Quality Offers: World-class brands sponsor offers that reward in virtual currency.
  • Real-Time Offer Inventory: New offers every day means users return frequently to earn.
  • Be On Every Platform: Seamless multi-platform functionality lets users transact on web and mobile.
  • Support Foreign Payments: Users can pay directly in local currencies and we pay you in dollars.
  • Faster Payouts: We have the fastest payouts in the industry. Get paid in two weeks.
  • Language Translation: International users enjoy auto-translation for offers and payment options.
  • Best Customer Service: Our San Francisco team handles payment questions directly from your users.
  • Fraud Protection: A dedicated team of fraud experts maintains a real-time prevention system.